For Kids and Families

Father and daughter playing with wooden checkers in a general store.
For Kids & Families

Hands-on Happenings are a year 'round thing at the Museum. Fall, winter, and spring hands-on programs are Saturdays, when families can enjoy arts and crafts in science, history, and culture themes throughout the school year. Holiday Hands-on Happenings keep young people occupied during their week-long winter and spring breaks.

In the summer the happenin' day is Wednesday, with more hands-on fun for kids and their grown-ups.

Every weekend throughout the year, visitors can see and participate in planetarium shows, special performances and programs in the Mary Jane Stryker Theater, or science and history demonstrations.

Preschoolers and their families or caregivers can enjoy a special place just for them; a little person's museum within a museum, complete with music, costumes, a classroom and many interactive exhibits.