antique photo of 11 women by Frank P. Ford Kalamazoo MI. The women are all in long sleeve dresses with high necks.

Not every city and town in the United States can claim its own Egyptian mummy or samples of the earliest known writing, but Kalamazoo is one of the lucky ones. In the 1920s and 1930s, two local businessmen, Albert M. Todd and Donald Boudeman, collected, then donated to the Museum, antiquities from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia. Discover here, some of those ancient treasures. The tablets have also been published on-line for the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative.  The data was accumulated and published by Dr. Andrea Seri of Harvard University.

Mesopotamian Antiquities

Mesopotamia (in present-day Iran and Iraq) was the site of the first written language over 4,000 years ago. The written word was produced on clay tablets with wedge-like symbols called cuneiform. The Museum’s collection contains 64 of these unique and rare tablets. Find out more about the Museum's ancient tablets in "Tablets Across Time," Museography, Vol. 1, Issue 2, page 10.

Cone offering

List of rations

Back view of the list of rations

Accounting of livestock

Account of cattle for sacrifice

Side view of account of cattle

Temple account

Royal inscription

Building inscription

Contract for a meal


Egyptian Antiquities

The Museum's Egyptian mummy has been in this community for 100 years and at the Museum for over 75 years. The mummy is only one of several hundred Egyptian artifacts cared for in the Museum's collection. Learn more about an Egyptian coffin in "Uncovering the Secrets of an Egyptian Coffin," Museography, Vol. 2, Issue 2, page 10.

Visit the Museum's Mystery of the Mummy exhibit

Banded Alabaster Vessel

Mummy Mask

Bronze Mirror

Wooden Headrest

Glass Chalice

Mummy and Coffin

Alabaster Jar

Plume Headdress

Shawabti Figure

Beaded Collar

Shawabti Figure

Eye of Horus Amulet

Shabti Box

Winged Scarab Amulet

Funerary Stela

Figure of the god Bes

Figure of Bastet

Mold for Figure of Qebehsenuf

Eye of Horus Amulet

Mummy Coffin

Figure of Isis and Horus