A.M. Todd Collection

old photo of A.M. Todd Collection
A.M. Todd Collection

One of the Museum’s treasures is the collection of Albert M. Todd. Todd made this donation with the understanding that the Kalamazoo School Board would acquire and open a public museum. In 1927, the former home of Horace B. Peck, located at the corner of Rose and South Streets, was purchased by the School Board and became the first official public museum in Kalamazoo.

Albert M. Todd (1850 – 1931), known as “The Peppermint King,” founded the A.M. Todd Company, a leading producer of mint oil. He used his fortune to collect art, antiquities, decorative objects, and books. Once or twice a year he opened his offices at the company to allow the public to view his private collection.

In his will, Todd left a legacy for educational institutions in Kalamazoo. The artifacts he donated to the Kalamazoo Museum (today the Kalamazoo Valley Museum) are the foundations of its collection. His generosity reflected a personal philosophy of service to the community.

The Joy of the Sea by Edward Henry Potthast The Joy of the Sea, 1918

The Lily Pool by Charles Oppenheimer The Lily Pool, CA. 1920

The Fairy of the Glaciers by Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret The Fairy of the Glaciers, CA. 1910

Niagara by George Innes Niagara, 1881

The Grand Canyon, Arizona by Harry C. Best The Grand Canyon, Arizona, CA. 1915

The Salmon Festival, Alaska by Thomas Hill The Salmon Festival, Alaska, 1879

Yosemite Valley (from Inspiration Point)  by Thomas Hill Yosemite Valley (from Inspiration Point), 1892

Cloudless Day by Franklin DeHaven Cloudless Day, CA. 1926

The Cathedral of Rouen by Pierre-Gaston Rigaud The Cathedral of Rouen, 1919

The Archeologist by Jules Monge The Archeologist, 1923

Opus CXII or The Siesta by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Opus CXII or The Siesta, 1873