Kalamazoo Wings Oral History Project

Images of people who are in the oral history videos around the 45th Anniversary Logo for Kalamazoo Wings
Kalamazoo Wings Oral Histories

Your Kalamazoo Wings! The First 45 Years explores the history and culture of Kalamazoo's oldest professional sports franchise. The exhibit features artifacts and images on loan from team leaders and fans.

  • Stephen Doherty, a part of the K-Wings organization from 1978-2001, talks about the origins of the K-Wings hockey team, the history of the green ice game, and why hockey is an important part of Kalamazoo.

    Stephen Doherty talks about his time with Kalamazoo Wings on YouTube.

  • Pam Shebest, local Kalamazoo sports writer, discusses her memories covering the K-Wings and her trip to Danbury, CT, for the Colonial Cup Championships.

    Pam Shebest talks about her time with the Kalamazoo Wings YouTube

  • Lynda Stewart, who was the longest running “Slappy” mascot, from 1993-2013, talks about the birth of Slappy, what anonymity means to a mascot, and some mishaps on the ice.

    Lynda Stewart talks about the mascot Slappy on YouTube

>Sue Richardson, a former K-Wings Booster and longtime season ticket holder, recounts the evolution of the team, the Turner Cup Championships, and what makes the K-Wings franchise special.

Sue Richardson talks about her support of the Kalamazoo Wings on YouTube

  • Clark Osborne, K-Wings trainer 1982-87 and 1993-2000, reflects on his experiences with the K-Wings family and how hockey players are in a league of their own when it comes to toughness.

    Clark Osborne talks about his time with the Kalamazoo Wings on YouTube