Volunteers & Interns

Image of the exterior of the museum from the front. The museum is a brick building. There is a tower above the entrance with large glass windows so visitors can see into the museum as they enter.
Volunteer Opportunities

Thinking about volunteering at the museum?

The Museum offers volunteers the opportunity to contribute to your community while developing new skills and friendships. Whether you are interested in history, art, storytelling, or just like talking to people, the Museum has a place for you!

Volunteer and internship opportunities are available in the following areas of the Museum's operations:

Hands-On Programs Volunteers – ages 14 and up
Participate in one of our many hands-on happenings! Assist visitors in creating art projects that are based on our exhibits and the stories our artifacts tell.  Hands-on programs take place on Saturdays during the school year, Spring break, and Wednesdays during the summer.  No previous experience is required, and you will be trained on the day of the program.  Check out the Volunteer Newsletter for upcoming program opportunities.  Send in your information sheet and required background check to qualify for volunteering for Hands-on Programs. Please contact Anna Koenig at 269-373-7970 for more information.

Historical Collections Volunteers – ages 18 and up
There are a variety of unique opportunities as a historical collections volunteer, from research and cataloging artifacts to making padded hangers or cleaning vinyl records.  If you have 3-4 hours per week to volunteer, consider the Collections Department.  The department accepts 1-2 volunteers each season.  Training is determined by project. Contact Regina Gorham at 269-373-7958 for more information.

Museum Internships – ages 18 and up
The Museum offers college students an opportunity to gain valuable museum experience and earn college credit. Each internship is individually designed to meet the needs of both the student and the Museum departments.  Contact Tammy Barnes at 269-373-7984 for more information.