Math Moves!

Image of class learning about shadows and fractions
Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proportion

Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proportion

This exhibit is now closed.

In Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proportion, visitors will explore key math concepts with activities that use their brains, senses, and entire bodies. Through the more than 20 interactive stations, Math Moves! invites visitors to work together to experience ratio, proportion, fractions, geometry, and much more in a physical, cooperative, exciting, and memorable way. Visitors will explore, play, and investigate math concepts as they move through the exhibit!

Movie Ratios: Create a stop-motion movie and experiment with changing its speed and length.

Comparing Forms: Visitors use their body and other measuring tools to explore how three proportional chairs differ in size.

Scaling Shapes: Practice doubling the size of objects in three dimensions—height, length, and width—with varying levels of difficulty.

Partner Motion: Compare your rate of motion to a friend's and create patterns as your movements are tracked on the screen.

Math Moves! was created by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Math Moves! was developed by a partnership between the Science Museum of Minnesota; Explora, Albuquerque; the Museum of Life & Science, Durham; the Museum of Science, Boston; the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE) at San Diego State University; and TERC, Cambridge, with support from the National Science Foundation.