Bikes: Science on Two Wheels

Entrance to the Kalamazoo Direct to You history gallery on the 2nd floor of the museum with a Checker Cab on display.
Bikes: Science on Two Wheels

Bikes: Science on Two Wheels

This exhibit is now closed

The bicycle, or some version of it, has been around since the nineteenth century, and it is still a popular form of transportation today. Bikes are a part of our everyday life from childhood through adulthood, but we don't often notice the science behind this wonderful invention. In the exhibit BIKES: Science on Two Wheels, we get to see over 40 variations of bikes from the late 1800's to modern times, including the classics and oddities. Through a dozen interactives, visitors are able to engage in the science, history, design, and art behind the bicycle!

On display are four sections that take us on a tour and show us the cultural impact the bicycle has had on our world!
The Origins: Features the evolution of, and the precursors to, the modern bicycle.
The Classics: Showcases bicycles from the 1930's to the late 1970's.
The Sport Bikes: Focuses on multi-speed bikes and the change in technology.
Oddities and Offshoots: Displays examples of "not so ordinary" bikes.

This exhibit is organized by the Carnegie Science Center in cooperation with the Bicycle Museum of America.