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Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs

Wed May 16, 2018 - Sun September 9, 2018 Museum hours

Cats and dogs have lived alongside us for 15,000+ years, and during that time, they have had many different roles in our world. In the exhibit Cats & Dogs, we immerse ourselves in numerous entertaining and interactive elements and environments that help us to truly understand the animals that many of us lovingly share our homes with.

Three different environments, IN THEIR SKIN, IN THEIR HEADS, and IN OUR SOCIETY, are designed for visitors to move through and experience what it is like be in a cat and dog's world!

With over 20 hands-on exhibits, visitors will have fun learning and experimenting. In the IN THEIR SKIN scene, we learn about the anatomy of the animals and also get to try our own physical skills against theirs. In the IN THEIR HEADS scene, we experiment in many different ways to see what it's like to "get inside" our pets' heads. And in IN OUR SOCIETY, we investigate the relationships between humans and animals.

This exhibition is created by Universcience, in partnership with Musée de la Civilisation, and produced by Imagine Exhibitions Inc.