Child in labcoatWelcome to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum,
where there is always something new!

Looking for something fun to do in Kalamazoo? Discover the Kalamazoo Valley Museum in Downtown Kalamazoo! With free general admission, families of all ages can spend a day--rain or shine--at our amazing, awe-inspiring, and ever-changing exhibits. Planetarium shows, hands-on crafts, lectures and musical performances round out the offerings.

  1. MI Winter Skies


    January 9, 2018 - March 15, 2018

    3 p.m. Tue, Thur

    The night sky above your backyard is a wondrous place, where bright stars, constellations, planets, and passes of the International Space Station can <more>

  2. Perfect Little Planet


    January 16, 2018 - March 16, 2018

    11 a.m. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri

    Imagine the ultimate space vacation. Discover our solar system through a different set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect <more>